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Should You Have Dental Care Now?

Simple answer is YES!

Dental offices in the United States use the CDC for guidance on protocols and procedures. WHO is worldwide and is intended for countries that do not have the same infrastructure as the United States.

In some cases, for patients to postpone dental treatment that is needed can lead to more serious repercussions in patient health. Delaying oral health care can lead to longer term oral health- and overall health- problems.


Are Dental Offices Safe?

Dental offices have been practicing with strict guidelines for infection control since the 1980’s. Dental practices adhere to strict standards of sterilization and disinfection protocols. We use disposables and what is not thrown away is sterilized in a sterilizer- which uses heat, pressure and steam.


What Are We Doing?

At Dr Boehm’s office, we are screening patients prior to their appointment and when they arrive at the office. We have a series of questions pertaining to a patient’s health and exposure risk. We scan for temperature on patients and we have patient perform a pre procedural rinse of 1% hydrogen peroxide. Our staff is screened 2 times a day as well, with wellness and temperature screening.


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Andrea Scott Dental Hygienist with over 27 years of experience in patient care.