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A dental bridge fills in a gap where you’re missing a tooth, so you won’t have to worry about your teeth shifting or your bite changing. If you need a dental bridge, contact the office of Dana R. Boehm DDS, near the Klein and Champion neighborhoods of Spring, Texas, for an evaluation. Dr. Boehm offers natural-looking crowns designed to fit in seamlessly. Book your bridge evaluation through the website or call to speak with a team member directly.

Dental Bridges Q & A

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is often referred to as a “fixed partial denture” because it becomes a permanent fixture in your mouth. Bridges fill in areas where you’re missing one or more teeth. 

Your dental bridge is entirely designed to fit your bite and match the surrounding teeth. Most bridges are made of two crowns with one or more false teeth — known as pontics — in the middle. 

The crowns are bonded to teeth on either side of the pontics. These “anchor teeth” are known as abutments and help hold your bridge in place. 

Are there health benefits of dental bridges?

Yes! Dental bridges are beneficial for your overall oral health, including your gum health. Dr. Boehm finds that dental bridges:

  • Decrease issues with temporomandibular disorders (TMJ or TMD)
  • Prevent or minimize teeth shifting
  • Lower your risk of gum disease 
  • Preserve gum and bone tissue
  • Restore normal chewing

Dental bridges from the office of Dana R. Boehm DDS can even help you feel more confident with your smile, especially if your missing teeth are highly visible. 

What is the process for getting a dental bridge?

Getting a dental bridge generally takes about two to three visits, including your consultation. During your initial visit, Dr. Boehm gathers impressions of your teeth to ensure your bridge matches the shape and size of your natural teeth. He then prepares your abutment teeth by reshaping them to better serve as anchors.

Once your teeth are prepped, Dr. Boehm gathers additional impressions and talks with you about selecting the correct shade of your new bridge. He sends all of your information off to the dental lab for fabrication.

Your new dental bridge arrives back in the office within about a week or two. During your next visit, Dr. Boehm cleans your teeth and gums and bonds your new bridge into place.

After your bridge is secured, Dr. Boehm has you bite down several times to ensure your bridge is comfortable and doesn’t stick out or feel too high. If it’s necessary, he can adjust problem areas to ensure your bridge fits in perfectly.

Learn more about modern dental bridges by booking an exam at the office of Dana R. Boehm DDS today. You can schedule your visit either online or over the phone.